Edoardo Gaffeo


              ... I have been gradually coming under the conviction, disturbing for a professional theorist, that there is no such thing as economics - there is only social science applied to economic problems    (K. Boulding)

  • born in 1967, italian citizen
  • my family
  • professor of economics, university of Trento
  • degree - university of Bologna (1992); master of art - university of Reading (1995); ph.d. - universitÓ politecnica delle Marche (1997)
  • previously at the university of Udine and Centro Studi Confindustria

research interests
  • agent-based computational economics
  • macroeconomics and financial markets
  • time series and macroeconometrics
  • institutional economics

research impact
  • h-index: 12 (Scopus); 19 (Harzing's P&P)
  • g-index: 37 (Harzing's P&P)

  •  fellow, Euro Area Business Cycle Network (EABCN) (since 2015)
  • '4th international research in philanthropy' Award (2013)
  •  fellow, Accademia dei Concordi (since 2011)
  • 'Elsevier economics & finance journals most cited articles 2005-09' Award (2010)

editorial appointments

expert positions
  • member of the board of directors and of the audit committee, Intesa SanPaolo SpA
  • former member of the general council and the board of directors, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo
  • former member of the board of directors, Fondaco Lux S.A.

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contact: edoardo.gaffeo@unitn.it

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